Mary + Wayne | St. George Orthodox Church Wedding


When Mary & Wayne first came in to my Bethlehem office to discuss wedding photography options, Mary told me right away that she was a decisive person; most of their wedding plans had been hashed out once we began speaking about photography. It was important to incorporate both Western & Syrian traditions into the day but more than anything, Mary & Wayne wanted to have a wonderful evening with family & friends celebrating their marriage & union together. I was immediately drawn to this couple. They are both driven creatives. Mary is a gifted hair stylist, co-owning Salon on Washington in Bethlehem, PA & Wayne is a talented woodworker. It was clear to me that they complete each other and I wanted to have a hand in documenting a part of their story. Mary & Wayne have known each other since elementary school and although they didn'tstart dating seriously until after high school, it quickly became clear that they had a future together. ~from the bride~ "I'm not sure how to answer the question of when I knew I'd first imagined a future with Wayne, because I always did. He feels the same. I gravitate to Wayne's soul. He's an old soul and so am I. That's what I love the most about him." Nine years after they began dating & approximately seventeen years after they first met, I had the opportunity to document Mary & Wayne's beautiful wedding. Enjoy!

from the bride: "Wayne's favorite memory was when Father Anthony pronounced us 'Husband and Wife.' My favorite memory... the whole damn thing!"

Engagement Ring | Ott Family Heirloom

Check out Mary & Wayne's engagement session at Burnside Plantation HERE!

~from the bride~ "Our proposal was surprising and describes Wayne perfectly. May 25th 2012, we planned on going away to (the beach) for the weekend.  I had just walked into my bedroom and Wayne bear hugs me and pulls out this black box. I have no idea what's going on at this point. Then I realized what he was holding, immediately I began crying. Still hugging me he muttered "will you marry me" opened the box and he told me it was his mother's ring. Wayne's mother passed away of breast cancer when Wayne was 20 years old. Wayne's father gave Caroline that ring when they were 19. There was so much emotion going on, it was a beautiful moment for the two of us. We never made it to the beach."

Ceremony | Saint George Orthodox Church, Allentown, PA

Portrait Session | Burnside Plantation, Bethlehem, PA

Reception | The Palace Center, Allentown, PA

Gown | Maggie Sottero purchased from Kleinfeld Bridal, NYC

Jewelry | Pearls given to Bride by her Mother

Bridesmaids | Lord n' Taylor

Hair | Salon on Washington, Bethlehem, PA

Florist | Joseph Moussa ~from the bride~ "I still have the corsage Wayne got me (for the 8th Grade Prom). Yellow roses on my wrist. Those were his mommas favorite flowers, which is why I had yellow roses incorporated everywhere in our wedding. From 8th grade on, I had it bad for this kid. I was in love."