Amy + Joe | Wilkes-Barre Wedding


I was so excited when Amy contacted me to document her spring marriage! I had met Amy briefly during a wedding that I was photographing; she is part of an amazing family who I have had the privilege of documenting over the years. I feel like we have both witnessed milestones within the family and she has seen my photography progress throughout my career as I documented some of these milestones. It really felt like a blessing to have the opportunity to witness Amy and Joe get married after knowing everyone for over six years!

One thing that I find so endearing about Amy and Joe is their devotion to each other. You can see it in Amy's eyes and in Joe's smile when he flashes it discreetly at his bride. Amy's smile and laughter is infectious; she is so genuine and welcoming. Working with her family, I could immediately see where she got it from. Her parents are the cutest and I'm so glad that I got to document everyone at her childhood home where she got ready. The beginning of the day was raining and ominous but her home was warm and inviting with nothing but excitement in the air. 

The rain didn't let up as we headed to the ceremony, but all was forgotten as Amy walked down the aisle. Joe's reaction when he saw his bride is just priceless! I tell all of my clients that when you lock eyes with your partner, everything else just melts away. You could see it happen as Amy approached her groom. It was awesome!

Following the ceremony, we headed out to explore the Lands at Hillside Farms for the couple's alone session. Having some private time with each other and creating some beautiful portraits was important to Amy and Joe. I'm so glad that they gave us the time and opportunity to create some art with them because another of my favorite moments happened at the farm. We had ducked into an empty barn chasing some moody light. As we were getting ready to leave, Amy stepped through the barn door and suddenly the sun came out! It was just a perfect moment.

I've included a few bridal party photos of this fabulous crew to emphasize how much I love working with them. Amy's vision was impeccable and it was so fun photographing Joe's family again amidst the excitement of sending off their little brother!

I am thrilled to share a portion of Amy and Joe's wedding story on their one year anniversary. Enjoy!