Nina Lily Accolades


Christina was absolutely AMAZING! We had both our engagement photos and wedding photos done by her and she was able to make my camera-shy husband feel so comfortable that he actually did better than me during the engagement session!  We were so impressed! Our pictures turned out beautifully.  When it came to the big day, we lost power and things became a bit chaotic so we were running behind schedule.  But Christina was able to take all of the photography with the natural light and kept me calm throughout the day all while keeping a smile on her face and getting us back on schedule! I would definitely recommend Christina and her team!!


Brie + Bob



Christina was my top choice photographer, when I talked to her for the first time I immediately knew I wanted to work with her! She is the sweetest person who really wants to hear your story and create the best images possible for you wedding day. We talked on the phone for about an hour and completely clicked - don't underestimate how important this is! Christina is basically a gem in the world of wedding photography. She doubles as a wedding planner. She had a whole schedule she sends you almost by the half hour for your wedding day. Its AMAZING. I really can't even explain how important it was to know how on top of it she was. She made sure I didn't see my groom before the ceremony - and never tried to push us to do a first look. On top of all this, the photos are amazingly beautiful. I wish I could post the photo of my husband when he saw me for the first time. Thank you thank you Nina Lily!!!


Lauren + Erik



The first look (followed by the alone session) was easily my favorite part of the entire day! I know that it was only made possible because of your planning, guidance and support through the entire thing. I cannot express how thankful I am that we didn’t have t worry about watching the clock, following a map or any of the logistics that made the time so wonderful for us. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and relaxed and for helping us enjoy ourselves so much on our wedding day. You really went above and beyond, exceeding any and all of our expectations!


Laura + Mark



Thank you so much for your incredible work capturing our engagement and wedding imagery. The pictures you took are absolutely phenomenal – everything we hoped for! We will treasure them for the rest of our lives.  I can’t tell you enough how wonderful you were t work with both leading up to the wedding and on the day itself. Many of my bridesmaids have commented on what a great combination of calm + fun you are! You really helped to set the perfect tone for the day.


Lauren + Mike



Christina Campbell of Nina Lily Photography is a rare gem as she demonstrates everything one could hope for in a wedding photographer: beautiful artistry, business savvy, and a genuine interest in her clients. From our first meeting with Christina (which she arranged via video conference for our convenience), we felt instantly at ease, and that ease carried into our engagement session and wedding day. My husband and I were blown away when we saw our engagement and wedding imagery, and our loved ones all echoed the same sentiment - that the photos really captured US. Every love is unique, and Christina and her team not only understand this, but know how to showcase that uniqueness in still and moving imagery (her videographer, Kim Bunce, is also wonderfully skilled). When we first started planning, my husband and I agreed that our wedding documentation was a top priority as it’s the piece that will last far beyond the food, flowers, or any other detail, and we could not have chosen better. Working with Christina was an absolute joy and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a fun, professional, and above all talented photographer.


Joanna + Mike



We just had our engagement session with Christina and we couldn't have asked for a more fun time. Christina was very accommodating to both my fiancé and myself's very busy work schedule to be able to get the photos done in the time of year we wanted. It was like being with a long time friend exploring the beautiful scenery while capturing intimate moments. Can't wait for the wedding! Thank you Christina!


Leslie + Marco



The whole team at Nina Lily Photography were incredible!  They really wanted to get to know our story and understand how we wanted it conveyed.  They were especially attentive to the interaction levels we were comfortable with, as I wanted about about 1 billion photos capturing my large and diverse family, but my husband was hesitant of having any photography that would feel staged or obtrusive.  The whole team we worked with totally nailed the balance of these conflicting wishes.  They were professional, organized, cool, and calm but also so very warm - allowing both of us to feel relaxed the whole time.  I knew I had made the right choice in Nina Lily Photography before I even saw the results...but then we received our wedding photos this week, and they exceeded our expectations!  They captured the most beautiful and intimate moments, sometimes just a glance - so perfectly.  When I thought about wedding photographs - it was the sentimentality that was most important to me, wanting something lovely my grandchildren would enjoy looking through one day.  Nina Lily achieved this in a most beautiful way!  I can't recommend them enough.


Nicole + Adam



I don't think I can even express how happy I am we went with Nina Lily Photography for our wedding. I knew from our first meeting that Christina that she was not only professional and organized but an easy going nice person to work with. I knew from her portfolio that she was a true artist and was versatile with lots of styles. She truly captured our day perfectly and artistically. On the day of our wedding she was efficient, kept things running smoothly in terms of all the family formals and planned pictures as well as made sure to check in with me often to make sure I was comfortable with everything (it was on the verge of downpour the whole time we were photographing outside but we were able to get some amazing shots before the rain!). Our attendants and family all commented that she really captured us all being ourselves and it was easy going and natural. She is the best!


Miriam + Billy



I was first introduced to Nina Lily Photography in 2008 when the founder, Christina, photographed a friend's wedding in my hometown. Her work became somewhat of a sensation in my hometown ever since! I adore her style - I would call it classy vintage with a twist of whimsy. She takes every opportunity to capture the unplanned little moments between people rather than focusing on poses, so you really feel like there is a personal connection to the images. Christina spends quite a bit of time with you in the weeks leading up to the wedding to discuss your vision for the wedding and logistics. She is also truly interested in hearing your love story (which I love to tell!). I highly recommend Nina Lily Photography. Professionalism, quality and talent is abundant and they will provide you with beautiful photos to document your big day!




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